2,100.00 1,800.00

  • 20A Solar PV Input
  • 12v/24v Auto Detection
  • Double USB Charge Port (5V/1A Output)
  • PWM charging mode
  • LCD display
  • Set real-time clock
  • Light control mode, Time control mode
  • Reverse connecting protection
  • Hanging style design makes it convenient to install


  • Three battery charging settings have been preset(B01 Lead-acid battery, B02 Lithium-ion battery, B03L lithium iron phosphate battery), according to the types of batteries, with power-off memory function, which can remember the settings when users power on next time.
  • Large-screen LCD display, charging, and discharging parameters can be fully customized.
  • Adopt complete three-phase PWM charge management(Constant current mode, constant voltage mode, floating charge mode).
  • Built-in overcurrent/short circuit/open circuit and battery reverse protection.
  • Double MOS tube anti-reverse circuit protection, which prevents battery current from being caused power loss transferring to the solar cell at night.


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